What Is Technology?

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Technology is the study of tools, methods of organization, and techniques that are used by humans to solve problems or improve quality of life. It can include machines, equipment, software, telecommunications, and any other device or technique that helps to achieve a goal.

How it Works

Technological innovations spread or disappear largely on the basis of free-market forces–that is, on how people and companies respond to such changes. Occasionally, though, the use of some technology becomes an issue subject to public debate and possibly formal regulation.

Why It Matters

Technology has had a significant impact on human society and the world in which we live. It has made it easier and faster for people to perform many tasks, such as writing, computing, banking, operating businesses, conducting research, and communicating with one another.

The Future of Technology

In the twenty-first century, a variety of technological systems, devices, and processes will transform our lives. As a result, we must consider how to use technology wisely, what its advantages and disadvantages are, and whether it will have a positive or negative impact on our lives.

How It Prioritizes Routes and Ends

A piece of technology must efficiently route the finite energy and attention of humans, which means that it has to prioritize certain paths above others. In the long run, that often implies displacing routes and ends of some kind.

For example, digital cameras deprioritized analog photography, moving people away from darkrooms and film. As a result, analog photography became less attractive and harder to do.