What Is Fashion?

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Fashion is an industry that encompasses designing, manufacturing, distributing and selling clothing. It is also a form of self-expression. It is widely believed that changes in fashion reflect societal and cultural change. For example, when a new type of music is popular, the fashion for that musical genre may change.

Clothing serves many purposes: it can protect us from the elements, signal our social status and ancestry, or make a political statement. For example, judges wear robes, military personnel wear uniforms, and brides traditionally wear white dresses. In recent times, fashion has become a big business. There are entire magazines devoted to it and television programs dedicated to showing the latest in clothing styles. In addition, there are millions of people involved in the production and selling of clothes – from designers creating new lines to clerks stocking shelves.

Although trends come and go, there is always a wide selection of clothing to choose from. Even if a particular style becomes “out of fashion”, it usually re-emerges at some point in the future. For instance, men’s suits were once considered to be out of style, but now they are back in.

Fashion is a global phenomenon. It can affect everyone, from the most wealthy to the poorest of society. It can also influence the culture of a country, and in turn be influenced by it. For this reason, fashion should be treated with care and respect when writing about it. A superficial article could damage the reputation of this powerful industry.