What Does Technology Mean?

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Technology is a term used to describe the collection of techniques, methods, processes, skills, tools and raw materials that humanity uses to create products, solve problems, fulfill needs or satisfy wants. It can also refer to the current state of human knowledge in a particular field.

In some usages, technology is a way to think about the world; it involves creatively applying one’s knowledge and skills to organise tasks and activities that contribute towards sustainable goals. However, it is not a neutral term; different people will give it different meanings depending on their own perspective and context.

Business efficiency:

Technology helps businesses streamline their operations, improve communication and achieve compliance. By streamlining and eliminating repetitive and time consuming processes, employees can focus on more important tasks that lead to revenue and help drive their organizations forward.

Improves students education:

By incorporating iPads, smart whiteboards, and VR/AR devices into classrooms, teachers can keep their classes interesting for their students. This allows students to enjoy learning and become more engaged in the content, which results in better academic marks.

Makes students more inclusive:

For many students who have special education, technology is an essential part of their learning process. They can use adaptive readers, word processors and other computer programs to learn how to write, spell and read.

Simplifies teachers’ work:

By removing the need to physically mark thousands of exam/test papers, teachers can focus on more important tasks. This also reduces the amount of stress for teachers and increases their productivity.