The Role of Technology in Society

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Technology is the application of science and engineering knowledge to produce useful products and processes. Its development and application involves people, materials, and know-how. It also involves energy, and has social and environmental impacts. Often, new technology is created to solve an existing problem. However, this new technology can also create other problems, such as environmental damage and health risks. This means that technological decisions must take many factors into account, including the political and social influences that affect the technology’s development.

Technology has evolved through the ages, beginning with the discovery of fire during prehistoric times. In the early ages, humans used tools and other objects to hunt and gather food. Using fire to cook food was a great technological development, as was the wheel. Later, the printing press, telephone, and Internet revolutionized communications. However, not all technology has been used for good, and there have been examples of technology being used for war, political oppression, and social unrest.

Despite the advances in science and technology, there is still a great need for human involvement. Many complex technological systems rely on human control and coordination. They require human personnel to monitor and program them, and to intervene if one part fails or when the system is no longer working properly.