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Relationships involve physical and emotional intimacy, which often involves sexual intercourse. However, relationships can also involve non-sexual intimacy. Intimacy is essential in a successful relationship. Relationships must be open and honest, and each partner should be equally committed to the other. When these elements don’t mesh well, the relationship isn’t very successful.

Healthy relationships need nurturing and care. They involve both parties making sure the other feels comfortable and secure in times of sickness and trouble. They are also open to changes and growth. Both partners must listen to one another and take care of themselves to avoid becoming burdensome. Relationships can be very rewarding if both parties know that they can rely on each other to help them through difficult times.

Successful relationships are built on trust and love. Trust is essential in a relationship because it allows both partners to talk to each other without the fear of hurting each other. Without trust and reciprocity, a relationship will feel strained and unfulfilled. Moreover, it can lead to anger and resentment if one partner feels inferior to the other.

Relationships can be monogamous or polygamous, sexual or non-sexual, and asexual. In the former, the two partners share equal physical and emotional intimacy.