How We Get News

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News is information that has been reported and presented in newspapers or magazines, on television, radio or the Internet. It is often dramatic and includes clearly identifiable good and bad characters or situations.

How We Receive News:

People have been consuming news since the beginning of time. It is an important part of a society’s culture and tradition, and is still a key way in which we keep informed.

When a news story is published in a newspaper, it usually has a headline and a lead, which is the first sentence or paragraph that introduces the article. These are important because they help to focus the attention of readers and make the article more interesting.

The lead is also used to tell the reader what they can expect from the rest of the article. This can include facts, a quote from an expert, and a personal account of what happened to the subject of the news report.

How We Read News:

We typically read news in a print format like a paper newspaper or magazine, and on TV or radio. However, there is now a lot of news that is being delivered online.

How We Use News:

It is important to strike a balance between interesting news and accurate news. You need to ensure that you are reading and listening to news that is relevant to your life, without overloading yourself with unbalanced information that may cause stress, anxiety or fatigue.