How to Write News

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News is a story which has happened which affects the lives of people or which is of interest to the public. It may also be about the economy, politics or sport. It is usually about people, although natural events can make news too. It is usually reported in the first person, but it may be written in third or second. In captions it is important to use a full name or initials first time, so as not to confuse readers with different people with the same name.

A good News article should start with 25 compelling words to attract the reader. This is known in journalism jargon as a lede. It should be followed by the main facts of the story – in order of importance. It is also a good idea to include any additional information which might help the reader understand the significance of the event, such as contact details, quotes from interviewees and background information.

The next step is to decide who your audience is. This will influence how you write the article, and what you choose to include. It is always a good idea to have an editor read the article before it is published. They can help with spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as making sure that the information in the article is accurate.

The biggest news stories are given the most prominence in newspapers, radio and television, often appearing on Page One or in a bulletin’s headlines. This is because they are the most important and interesting to the audience. Less important stories may be relegated to the inside pages.