Home Improvement – Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

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Home improvement

Home improvement, also known as remodeling or renovation, is the process of upgrading the interior and/or exterior of a building. These projects may include anything from changing a light fixture to adding an extension or building a deck. Often times they are carried out in order to improve comfort, appearance, and energy efficiency or make the home more suitable for a particular purpose, such as accommodating a disability, reducing utility bills, or making it more secure.

Many homeowners undertake these projects with the ulterior motive of increasing their home’s value when they decide to sell, but not all projects are created equal when it comes to resale returns. In fact, some may even decrease the home’s value.

It is important for homeowners to take the time to choose a qualified contractor before undertaking a project. Homeowners are recommended to obtain estimates from several contractors, verify their license and insurance, and check references prior to hiring. It is also a good idea to avoid contractors who do not have their name, address and MHIC number preprinted on the contract.

One of the most popular and easiest DIY home improvement projects is changing or updating door, cabinet, and closet knobs to give the room a fresh look. Another easy and quick way to upgrade a home is to install new flooring. Compared to carpeting, hardwood floors are durable and easier to clean. In addition to being stylish, new floors are a great investment and can add up to thousands of dollars in increased home value.