Home Improvement – How to Determine Which Improvements Will Provide the Best Return on Investment

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Home improvement

Home improvement is any type of renovation work done to the interior or exterior of a house. These projects could include remodeling or adding an addition to a house, such as a deck, patio, or gazebo; installing new flooring, walls, or appliances; painting, staining, or varnishing wood surfaces; or putting up a fence.

A variety of factors are driving the surge in home improvements. One is rock-bottom interest rates, which make borrowing to pay for a remodel cheaper than it has been in years. Another factor is the growing population of older homeowners, who are more likely to have equity in their homes and are therefore more willing and able to spend money on home improvements. The popularity of home-and garden TV shows has also blurred the distinction between what was once considered a male-dominated domain of construction and carpentry work (such as a deck) and the largely female realm of decorating and design (such as a room redecoration).

The best way to determine which improvements will provide the best return on investment is to understand why you are undertaking a particular project. Oftentimes, homeowners start a renovation with the hope that it will add to their home’s resale value. This can be a mistake, especially if the project is over-the-top and doesn’t appeal to a broad range of potential buyers. For example, a fancy marble bathroom might add more to the cost of the home than it will get back in the sales price.