Healthy Relationships

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In a relationship, you’re with someone else whom you feel bonded to and have a deep emotional connection. Healthy relationships are built on communication, intimacy, caring and support. They’re a safe space where you can grow and learn how to better your relationship skills.

Getting to know people and learning how they want to be treated is an important part of the beginning stages of any kind of relationship. It’s also crucial to talk openly about expectations and boundaries – or, as we like to call it here at Love is Respect, DTR (Date, Time and Relationship). While some of these conversations may feel intimidating or too serious, they’re essential for the health of your relationship.

A relationship can involve any type of intimate bond or attachment, whether or not there is sex. Many people who are in healthy relationships do not have sex but are still deeply attached to their partner and enjoy the other aspects of their relationship, such as kissing, cuddling or spending time together.

Relationships can also include any number of identifiers, such as significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner. While they’re not necessary, some couples prefer to use a specific label to describe their relationship status. It’s also a good idea to ask how your partner wants to be addressed to avoid misunderstandings.

There is a common misconception that healthy relationships take work, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or exhausting. Think about all of the things you work hard on in your life – a new hobby, a school project you’re really into or even your career. All of these efforts require some time and attention, but it’s often work that you find fun, inspiring or engaging.