Factors That Affect the Value of News

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News is a form of knowledge that helps the reader become informed about current events and affairs. It is a form of knowledge that is delivered in a short format.

The concept of news is largely influenced by various social and political developments. Some of these factors include the location of the news story, the proximity of the news to the audience, the relevance of the news, and the impact of the news on the audience.

In the 21st century, the news story is influenced by the popularity of social media platforms. Social media platforms are a way for the audience to share their opinions about news stories. These opinions may include humor, human interest, sex, show business, and entertainment.

However, these opinions are not the only ones. There are also arbitrary factors that affect the values of news. One such factor is the amount of loss of life. Increased loss of life creates more interest for the audience.

Another factor affecting the value of a news story is the importance of the person involved in the event. For instance, a high-profile politician is a more significant news story than a peasant farmer.

A story that has an element of surprise can also be considered a news story. An example of such a story is the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi.

Similarly, an exclusive news story is a story that is available to the news organization before any other organization can report on it. Such stories are chosen because they have a strong impact on the readers.