Definitions of Law

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Law is a set of rules created and enforced by a government or society on a certain area to deal with crime, trade, social relations, property, and more. It is controlled and enforced by a specific authority. This system is used to protect people’s rights and liberties, ensure a fair justice system, settle disputes, and help businesses grow. Law is also the basis of many careers such as lawyer, judge, or police officer.

Sociological School of Law

This approach defines law as a tool for social progress. This school of thought began in the middle of the nineteenth century and considers the laws that govern a society as a whole rather than an individual or community.

Idealistic Definitions

The most common view of law is that it’s a set of rules effectuating societal norms. This view is supported by the fact that lawmakers act based on what the majority of society wants, not necessarily what the individual wants. For example, if the majority of society believes that murder is wrong, then the representatives would pass a law punishing those who commit this crime.

However, this view can be contested by examining the actual working of the law and its administrators. For example, a legal principle could be based on the predilections of state or federal legislators or judges. This can be seen in the arguments over whether a judge’s decisions should be influenced by political considerations or if a court should be more diverse than its current all-white composition.