Careers in Financial Services

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Financial services

When people think of financial services, they often think of banks, stockbrokers, and mortgage lenders. But there is so much more to the industry than that. Financial services encompasses all the things that deal with making, investing and managing money for both individuals and organisations. This includes things like trading shares on the stock market, getting loans to buy homes or cars, and putting money away in a bank for a rainy day.

The industry also deals with what are called financial goods. These are more like products than services, but they have to do with finances. For example, a home or car is a financial good because it can be used to gain wealth through the payment of interest. Insurance is another kind of financial good because it protects people from unforeseen events like losing their jobs or being hit by natural disasters. Insurance brokers, who help customers find the best rates for their policies, are a type of financial service.

Careers in this industry are generally well-paid. In some cases, the pay can be in the high five figures, especially if you have a job that requires specialised skills or is in demand. This field also offers flexible hours and plenty of opportunities to move around within the organisation.

However, many careers in this industry require a lot of hard work and commitment. People with strong interpersonal skills and a deep understanding of the markets they work in are more likely to be successful in this sector.