Automobiles and Motorcycles

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Automobiles are mechanical machines that move people and goods around. There are several different types of automobiles, and each has its own unique purpose. They vary in size, shape, and design, as well as in their engine. An automobile’s engine is one of the most important components, because it must be able to endure extreme conditions. Automobiles are classified into two main categories, economy and sport. Motorcycles are considered the most fuel-efficient vehicles, because they can achieve up to 50 miles per gallon. In comparison, an average car gets about 10 mpg.

Motorbikes use four to six-speed transmissions, although small bikes have two-speed gearboxes. The power is transmitted through a chain or belt, and a clutch or throttle is operated on the handgrip. The front-wheel brake is controlled by a lever on the handgrip, while the rear-wheel brake is operated by a foot pedal. Most motorcycles also have a kick-start, although most modern vehicles now have electric push-button starters.

The automobile has four wheels and can carry a large number of passengers. Its name comes from the word automobile, which means “car”. The car was first invented in the 19th century. The motorcycle was the predecessor to the automobile. The three-wheeled motorcycle, first made commercially in 1884, employed a horizontal one-cylinder gasoline engine and steerable front wheels. The rear wheel had a drive chain attached.