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Automobiles are vehicles that use a motor for power. They can be categorized into passenger, goods and special usage vehicles. A bus, mini-bus, van or truck falls under the category of passengers while an armored car, crane vehicle or fork-lift belongs to goods carrier and a ambulance, fire engine or police vehicle belongs to special usages vehicles.

The automobile revolutionized modern society, enabling people to travel far and wide with ease. It also led to the growth of industries and services like gas stations. Besides, it increased work opportunities and the number of people that could be a part of one’s social circle.

French engineer Nicolas Joseph Cugnot developed the first self-propelled vehicle in 1789, a three-wheeled carriage with a steam engine that projected out from behind; it was heavy and only traveled at a speed of 3 mph (5 kph). During the nineteenth century, several inventors worked on different designs of motor cars until Karl Benz, an engineer from Germany, invented the first gasoline powered automobile in 1885. Eventually, Ford, a businessman from America, introduced the assembly line in his factory, dramatically cutting production costs and making the car affordable for middle class families.

Since then, the automobile has become a major fixture in American life. Despite the fact that it causes environmental pollution, it gives freedom to people and makes them accessible to places they would not have been able to reach without their cars. Having an automobile makes it possible to go anywhere in a short time, eliminating the need for public transportation and allowing more people to travel together. Moreover, it helps family members bond while traveling to their destinations.